Austria, Club Mödling

Anna-Maria Vavra-Hadobas


Anna-Maria, 37, married with two children, is a part-time Master student in Cytology and Molecular Pathology. She is working full-time as a biomedical scientist. Her application is for the tuition fee for the final year of the studies.


Austria, Club Wien 1

Fjolla Doli


Fjolla, 27, originally from Kosovo has a Bachelor degree in Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity Management. She wants to attend a two months online training course to gain knowledge about how to activate people, strengthen their skills and use versatile models, at WIFI – a service facility of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. Next academic year she will start a Master degree in “Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes”.


Belgium, Club Bruxelles Sablon

Wendy Dela Attipoe


Wendy, 25, passionate about the future of maternity-pediatrics, wishes to acquire the technical skills essential to treat certain infant pathologies that cannot be resolved by physical therapy alone, but require gentle osteopathic manipulation.


Croatia, Club Zagreb Centre SC

Sara Alfirev


Sara, 25, is in her final year of a MSc in Human Resources and Organisations at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Her final thesis will look at mindfulness as a personal resource in tackling professional challenges and organisational change. Sara is a member of the European Youth Parliament. Due to the pandemic her studies will end later than planned, most probably by the end of 2021/beginning of 2022. She asks for the grant to complete her studies.


Finland, Club Kajaani

Saara Mikkonen


Saara, 29, a senior law student, aiming to have a Master’s degree in law by 2023. After graduating from high school she studied media and then she realized that this area was not what she wanted as a career. After many attempts she finally got into the Lapland university and achieved to study law. She requests the grant for her Master’s degree in law.


France, Club Poitiers

Apolline Khou


Apolline, 26, asks for the grant, in order to complete her 2nd year of her “Master of Performance, Harpsichord and Piano” at the “Royal College of Music” in London”. She receives a grant “Linda Hill” of 18.890 € already.


France, Club Angoulême

Coline Monchanin


Coline, 27, will have in September 2021 her PhD at the Research Center, in Toulouse, on Animal Cognition. She needs the scholarship to participate in the Marine Conservation Instructor Training in Thailand. Whether through her work on bees or coral reefs, her career goal is to better understand the impact of humans and their activities on ecosystems and to participate in projects to educate and raise awareness of the general public on these major challenges facing our societies today.


Georgia, Club Kutaisi-Colchis SC

Dali Koghuashvili


Dali, 25, is an ambitious young mother, working as an intern and eligible to attend a postgraduate programme on therapeutic dentistry at Albius Dental Academy. Due to pandemic circumstances together with being a new mother, she was not able to work anymore to cover the expenses of this programme.The grant will enable her to finish a master’s degree on therapeutic dentistry.


Greece, Club Athens Kifissia-Ekali 

Sofia Spyropoulos


Sophia, 25, is a postgraduate student studying Finance at Alliance Manchester Business School. Being a goal-oriented and hardworking student she graduated from Penn State University with two degrees (Economics& Finance) together with top awards. During her undergraduate studies, she also worked in different institutions to improve her career skills in finance. The grant will be used to pursue her academic goals.


Greece, Club Athens Psychico

Eleftheria Mavromati


Eleftheria, 53, is a PhD student in Conservation  of Antiquities and Works of Arts at West Atti University. In order to complete her thesis “Proposal for sustainable management of masks of the collection of Greek National theatre’’, she needs materials and equipment such as microscope, photo machine, special chemicals and materials that are going to be used in laboratories. She couldn’t find any other option other than this grant to buy these equipment and materials. She requests this grant to  continue her studies in this field and complete her PhD.


Haiti, Club Port-au-Prince SC

Larissa Etienne


Larissa, 27, wishes to obtain this scholarship in order to pursue a Master’s degree in Digital Project Management, in Toulouse, France. Living in an underdeveloped country like Haiti, she unfortunately cannot move forward in her professional trajectory without this study that not only offers her the possibility to acquire new knowledge in project management, but also combines this knowledge with a field that she has always been passionate about and that is an engine of growth and transformation: the internet and technology.


Iceland, Club Kopavagur

Snæros Axelsdottir


Snæros, 25, is a first year Master degree student in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure, in Stockholm. She wants to specialize and work in the water and wastewater field. As the effects of climate change are imminent, the importance of a well-functioning water and wastewater infrastructure grows. There are so far very few women working in this field in Iceland. Her first publication as a co-author was published in 2020. She applies for the grant for her second and last year of studies.


Iceland, Club Austurland

Rannveig Thorhallsdottir


Rannveig, 47, married with three children, is an archaeologist and high school teacher. Since spring 2020 she is pursuing a PhD in Archaeology. Her research focuses on East-Iceland from Settlement (870 AD) and the connection between the settlement, weather (climate) and plagues. The grant will enable her to study full time and finish her PhD.


Israel, Club Pardes Hanna-Karcur

Rania Sabah


Rania, 23, is a third year BSc student studying Biology and Chemistry, coming from a family with financial difficulties. She is self-determined, ambitious and can cope with many difficulties. She lives in a rural area where girls are not encouraged to study at universities. Under her circumstances she believes that a good education is the key to have a better life. Rania is academically and socially  a successful student willing to complete her studies and to pursue a Master’s degree upon her graduation. By doing so she wishes to be a role model for her society.


Israel, Club Rehovot

Ruth Lorisso


Ruth, 27, of Ethiopian origin, is in her 4th year of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, after servicing 2 years in the army. She needs the grant in order to continue her studies.


Italy, Club Costa Etrusca

Taranjot Kaur


Taranjot, 26, of Indian origin, living in Italy with her family since 2007, needs the SIE scholarship in order to finish her degree in “Plant Products and Quality Control of Health Programs”. Due to her parents’ health problems, she has to work at the same time as her studies.


Italy, Club Pisa

Ilaria Corazza


Ilaria, 30, is a PhD student working on measuring, monitoring and evaluating the performance of public health systems of different countries, at University of Pisa – Sant’Anna School of Advanced studies. During the studies they have theoretically established a model to evaluate the performance of health systems. In order to confirm this model the studies required an experimental phase. Institution’s opportunities is not suitable to conduct the experiments for the model, but its partnership CUAMM (NGO in Africa) is capable  to support and conduct the experimental phase of the project. The grant will be used by the candiate to travel to Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia to do the experiments and finalize the project.


Latvia, Club Riga SC

Karina Jeskina


Karina, 29, is a second year Master student in Environmental Science. The topic of her Master degree research is “Competing Discourses of Nature in Latvia and Ecological Solidarity as a Consensus Building Strategy”. She asks for the grant for her final year.


Lithuania, Club Silute

Ruta Serpytyte


Ruta, 26, is interested in creating a better education and environment using design as a tool. Therefore she is doing her Master’s degree in Collaborative and Industrial design. Ruta is also curious about mentoring programme and actively taking part in the activities of Silute Soroptimist Club. She requests the grant for her Master degree.


Lithuania, Club Alytus 

Vetra Markeviciute


Vetra, 28, is a resident doctor surgeon in Orthopaedics and Traumatology. She needs the grant to go for 3 months to India to attend an Orthopedic oncology observer program at an oncology center, one of the best places for this kind of studies. Only 5% of the orthopaedics surgeons in Lithuania are women.


Moldova, Club Chisinau SC

Olga Soltan


Olga, 29, married with two children is a dentist working part-time. She is since 2019 pursuing post-graduate studies in Orthodontics. Olga asks for the grant for her final year of specialisation.


Poland, Club Kracow

Jagoda Kowalik


Jagoda, 28, has already a Master in Biomedical Engineering and is working. She will use the grant for part-time Postgraduate Studies of Chinese Business at the Kozminski University, as she wants to understand and work with China.


Poland, Club Wratislavia

Justyna Pelc


Justyna, 28, is a graduate of two engineering degrees (Automatic Control and Robotics as well as Management and Production Engineering), she needs the grant to attend, two courses: 1. One-week Executive Space Course, at the International Space University (ISU), the world’s leading university dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of space. 2. Postgraduate studies in “Entrepreneurship in the space sector” at Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego (Kozminski University) which are tailored to the Polish space sector, so combined with international course will give her, needed background to develop space sector in Poland.


Portugal, Club Lisbon Fundador

Ana Sofia Ramos de Abreu Nunes


Ana, 43, is a contemporary art professional aiming to work as a curator and author in the field of Art History and Theory, which is rather men dominated in Portugal. Ana has published several articles. Currently she is a PhD student and writing the last part of her thesis after a break throughout her study. She requires this grant to complete her thesis and gain a PhD degree in Art History and Theory.


Slovenia, Club Maribor SC

Tinka Kovacic


Tinka, 21, is a highly motivated and hardworking student, studying graphic design at Royal Academy of Art (KABK) Hague. She is focused mainly in painting and illustration but interested in fine arts also. She attends different forms of art exhibitions and performances to enrich her creativity and perspective. The scholarship will help to cover the educational expenses of this passionate art student.


Spain, Club Costa del Sol SC

Elena Enciso Martinez


Elena, 26, has a Master degree in Architecture and has applied for the PhD program “City, Territory and Sustainable Planning”. The main objective of her doctorate is to generate a model, an application guide or a system that serves as the basis for the construction of temporary accommodation for immigrants in Europe. The application is for the first year of the PhD.


Turkey, Club Etiler / Istanbul

Nezihat Bengisu Kaynar


Nezihat, 23, has a Bachelor degree in Economics and has been accepted to the following Master degree course at Columbia University, USA: Master of Arts in Economics. The grant will help her cover her living expenses.