About this project The recent influx of refugees and asylum seekers into Germany has meant that providing education to and facilitating the integration of disadvantaged secondary school children has become an important task.

Instead of waiting for official assistance, Soroptimists from Club Bamberg-Kunigunde in Germany decided to offer a quicker and non-bureaucratic solution to help those children in their region who required immediate support.

The Club’s project target group are second or third generation migrant girl children, many of whom lack proficiency in German – as well as some German children with learning disabilities. The project also aids the cultural integration of these children by providing an introduction to German culture through going to concerts, circuses and the theatre, as well as taking part in city tours, and dance events.

So far, around 500 9 to 18-year-old girls of some 30 different nationalities who are attending four different schools in Bamberg have benefitted from this project. They have been given lessons in subjects ranging from German to maths. Overall, the Club has financed 600 hours of tutoring and invested more than 1000 hours of volunteer work to improve the future prospects of these girls in a foreign country and culture.

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