Dear Soroptimists,


There are many topics I would like to reach out to you about. The first is, without a doubt, how grateful I am to the Soroptimist Board and Committee members who ‘stood up’ to join me in my journey.


One month has passed since our first board meeting, where we had the chance to meet with our outstanding team at Soroptimist of Europe’s Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. From that moment onwards, our Board started working under the new framework – based around those with the skills and experience to drive and support our Soroptimist Development Goals (SDG). Right now, they are preparing the first exchanges with their SDGs teams. They have already shown that this biennium will be THEIR biennium just as much as mine, which was my utmost wish.


Although we are far from reaching a ‘New Normal’ with the virus still going strong, Soroptimists continue to ‘stand up’ and step forward with renewed energy. I witnessed this myself when I attended Union events in person in France, Luxemburg and Belgium, and in Poland virtually. Soroptimists are moving forward, accelerating new project developments and putting their renewed energy into a kind of ‘Soroptimist Climatic Change’.


During this biennium, we wish to harness that energy. I invite all Soroptimists to add value to the organisation. In this way we shall move forward, each of us participating in creating an energetic atmosphere of commitment and connectivity on a Club, Union and Federation level. I warmly welcome these new value leaders – from recently welcomed members to early believers who are now seniors, having embraced Soroptimist for many years.


Let’s move forward, standing up for women, NOW


Yours sincerely,


Carolien DEMEY,

SIE President 2021-2023



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