The SIE Board is launching an exciting new initiative. All women taking part in our scholarship and SLA programmes will be offered the chance to benefit from the guidance of a Soroptimist Mentor. Created to support our mission to ‘Educate to Lead’ it will give young women a better chance to take on leadership roles in society, politics and professionally.


By connecting existing mentoring and scholarship programmes with the newer concept of SIE Leadership Academies (SLA), young women across the Federation will be empowered to realise their dreams and potential through education. At the very centre of this programme stand individual Soroptimists with a desire to mentor, such as yourself. The goal is to support the education of scholarship grantees and SLA participants by providing them with the experience and expertise of a Soroptimist Mentor.


Soroptimist International of Europe Virtual Leadership Academy (SLA) was organised by SI Turkey 5-10 July, 2021. Following its success, everyone who participated automatically qualifies as a mentee and will be offered the opportunity to work with a Soroptimist mentor later this autumn. The SIE Mentoring Team is currently working in collaboration with the SLA Turkey team to plan the programme for them.


Mentoring creates an incredible, mutually beneficial relationship between mentor and mentee, where both individuals grow and develop together.


“I have been highly impressed by the change in our relationship from an open, friendly and trustworthy interaction to mutual learning (the other‘s eye provides a new perspective).”

– Soroptimist Mentor


  • Mentor’s role: A Soroptimist mentor, who is a more experienced person, shares knowledge to encourage and support the mentee to develop both personally and professionally.


  • Mentee’s role: The mentee wishes to develop and grow, both personally and professionally, while needing support and guidance from a more experienced person to do so. The younger women will have a trusted mentor to speak with whenever in doubt or needing someone to provide guidance.


We need Soroptimist mentors to volunteer from all across our Federation. You will have a great opportunity to get to know one of the participants personally and see in practice how your contribution can improve and change the life of one young woman for the better!


the meetings were always something special and enriching.”

– Soroptimist Mentor


To learn more about SIE mentoring, login to our Extranet and visit the mentoring section, where you can watch a series of videos explaining what mentoring is and what a mentor is responsible for.


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Saija Kuusisto-Lancaster

SIE Vice President 2019-2021, in charge of Mentoring