Armenia, Club Yerevan



Lilia, 20, is currently completing her third year, studying psychology at Yerevan University. She is an enthusiastic, self-disciplined and motivated young woman willing to do good for the community. Her financial situation is difficult and the grant will enable her to complete her studies. Her specialty is child psychology and she believes that the wellbeing of a community starts from childhood. She has undertaken voluntary work.


Belgium, Club Les Deux Sources



Mariam, 34, originally from Afghanistan has lived in Iran and is fleeing to Belgium to avoid a forced marriage. Mariam works as a hairdresser to support the family. Now she has to do a compulsory 10-week internship during her second year of training for a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with a focus on biotechnology, and would be forced to suspend her paid work during this time and leave her family without income since her husband is out of work.


Georgia, Club Batumi



Tamta, 35, is currently working as an English teacher. A divorce left her and her daughters in a difficult financial situation. The SIE scholarship will enable her to complete her PhD degree in English philology which she has postponed for a while due to family problems. The PhD will allow her to apply for a permanent position at the university which will give her a stable and higher income as well as a possibility to pursue an academic career.


Germany, Club München-Schwabing

Su Myat OO


Su, 33, is one of the most outstanding representatives of Artemed Foundation which provides medical support by various healthcare projects for the less fortunate in Myanmar. Su organizes regular training sessions about health issues for mothers and children as well as taking part in many impressive hands-on projects in her community. In order to contribute more to her community and to further herself professionally, she started a Master’s program at Geneva Business School in Myanmar. The grant will enable her to finish her Master’s degree. Su also played an important role in setting up a Soroptimist Club in Myanmar.


Greece, Club Kavala

Anna-Maria CHATZI


Anna-Maria, 23, is a Master of Science student in Urban Design at Hafen City University in Hamburg, Germany. The studies focus on growth, density, agglomeration connectivity, heterogeneity and innovation in cities. Anna-Maria is also active in the student council. The SIE scholarship will enable her to finish her Master degree.


Greece, Club Thessaloniki Macedonia



Eleni, 43, is a freelance Architect since 2005. She realized that the way we practice architecture does not resonate with the world as it is today and decided to resume her training. Eleni is attending a two year Master program “Studio for Immediate Spaces” at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The SIE scholarship will enable her to finish the Master program. Her next step is a PhD and eventually teaching. Eleni has published articles about architecture in various magazines and participated in several exhibitions in her field.


Hungary, Club Budapest CORVINUS

Orsolya O. SZABO


Orsolya, 39, is a qualified psychologist. She obtained her university degree in 2004 but could not afford postgraduate education at the time to become a practicing psychologist. Orsolya has worked as a recruitment consultant since 2006. Currently, she is attending a post-graduate course in sports psychology. She has successfully completed the first out of four semesters. The grant will enable her to complete the program and become a practicing psychologist.


Iceland, Club Bakkar og Selja



Theodora, 29, is an exceptionally intelligent young woman with an outstanding academic background. She needs the SIE scholarship to finish her Ph.D. in psychiatry, at the University of Oxford. Her research explores how medication impacts information processing related to anxiety vulnerability and dysfunction in humans to see if it can be used to enhance the effectiveness of treatments. Theodora expects this knowledge to further improve psychological treatments. Findings from her BS and MS studies have been published and she has received awards and grants for her work.


Iceland, Club Reykjavik 



Renata, 42, is a Ph.D. student at the School of Education at The University of Iceland. Her Ph.D. thesis is about plurilingual student’s educational experiences. Her social engagement and academic research already have an impact on the Icelandic society, in that the importance of mother tongue education is more visible in municipal and even national policies. Empowering and educating immigrant communities are her long-term goals. The SIE grant will allow her to drop her part-time job and give her the necessary time to finalize her thesis. Renata founded a Czech heritage language school and was the chair of Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism in Iceland.


Israel, Club Hanegev



Noga, 27, is a first-year Master student of chemistry with a specialization in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She’s passionate about environmental studies and climate change and aspires to be a scholar in these fields after completing her studies. Nora thinks it is important to have women role models in science in general, and especially in chemistry and only four out of 38 faculty members at the chemistry institute of her university, are women. The SIE scholarship will enable her to complete her degree. Noga has received several scholarships and also a Dean’s award in 2018.


Italy, Club Genova Due

Marie Claire GEGERA


Marie Claire, 50, a nurse from Burundi, is in her 4th year of a Master degree of Cognitive Science and decision making at the Università degli Studi in Milan, Italy. She works part time as a nurse and will use the scholarship to finish her studies. Marie Claire works on a project on “Village Medicine”, in order to help children and mother in health issues and first aid, so to avoid long trips to reach medical care.


Latvia, Club Riga



Laine, 24, is a full-time student at the Faculty of Medicine, at Riga Stradines University, specializing in Pediatrics. Living in a country with a small population limits her opportunities to accumulate experience in diagnosing and treating rare diseases. One way to overcome this is to participate in international congresses and workshops. The grant will give Laina the opportunity to gain additional knowledge in general medicine and pediatrics for the benefit of children.


Lithuania, Club Vilnius I



Ieva, 28, is a dedicated young women who would like to further her career in music. Currently she is studying solo violin at two universities in Vienna and will obtain her Master’s degree this spring. The grant will enable her to pursue postgraduate studies of chamber music and also achive a certificate of performance. Her talent is evident and she has won several awards, played in many recitals and toured with “Kremerata Baltica” orchestra. Ieva comes from Lithuania, a country of still low income, and her parents cannot support her financially anymore.


Mali, Club Bamkao Espoir



Aissata, 22, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2019. Currently she is in the process of obtaining her Master 1 in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy. She wishes to use the SIE scholarship to obtain her Master 2.


Romania, Club Bucharest

Ioana – Alexandra SAVU


Ioana-Alexandra, 24, has a Bachelor degree in business and tourism. Finding no job in this field, she decided to change her orientation to Airport Management. She is a first year student at the Politehnica University of Bucharest and the grant will enable her to finish the second and last year of the Airport Management Master Program.


Rwanda, Club Kigali



Diane Raissa, 28, is an active girl who loves the health field. Already a pharmacist, she wants to use the SIE scholarship in order to finish her Master’s degree in Public Health.


Spain, Club Madrid

Alessandra D’Jesús


Alessandra, 22, originally from Venezuela, moved to Spain due to the unstable situation in her country. Her family’s financial situation is difficult and she needs the SIE scholarship in order to finish her degree in Marketing at Universidad Europea de Madrid. Alessandra studied Economics in Venezuela and has worked part time as a financial consultant and supervisor.


Sweden, Club Stockholm City

Sushma GIRI


Sushma, 25, is an Open Data Project Developer from Nepal. The scholarship will enable her to finish her Master’s degree in Strategic Information Systems Management at Stockholm University, Sweden. She joined this Master program to deepen her understanding of how technology can be applied to management and governance, to build a career in civic tech and contribute to projects that make a social impact.


Switzerland, Club Genève-Fondateur

Nasteha SALAH


Nasteha, 35, was supported by the Club Genève Fondateur during her Master’s studies in Public Health in London. Nasteha continues her studies for the doctoral program in Biomedical Sciences/Global Health. The subject of her thesis is “Estimation of the prevalence, incidence and influence of the migration factor on attitudes and behaviours towards FGC in migrant communities living in Switzerland”.


Togo, Club Lomé 1 

Houloud MAMAN


Trained as a biologist, Houloud, 34, has undertaken a doctoral training whose research topic is entitled “Epidemiology of Toxoplasmosis in cattle farms in Togo: seroprevalence and characterization of Toxoplasmosis gondii strains”. The grant will enable her to acquire the equipment and reagents to finalize the work of the last year. The data from her research will help reduce human and animal contamination and improve food safety in Togo.


Turkey, Club Ataköy / Istanbul



Helin, 25, is a first year PhD student of immunology at the Internal Medicine Department at Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands. Her PhD project involves investigating the immunological aspects of clonal hematopoiesis and trained immunity on cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Her aim is to become a scientist in the immunology field. Helin has received several awards as a student.





Austria, Club Wien-Belvedere

Gertraud EYLERT


Gertraud, 34, is an intelligent and enthusiastic plastic surgeon and scientist. Currently, she is doing her PhD in regenerative medicine at Vienna Medical University. The subject of her PhD thesis is a novel technology, including surgical bioprinting and tissue engineering which is a new innovative field of plastic surgery. The SIE grant will help to finalize her doctoral study. Gertraud has received several prizes and scholarships.


Belgium, Club Leper



Lara, 28, is a dedicated medical doctor who is in her first year of a 6year postgraduate program to become a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon. She is awarded as “winner of best scientific work paper 2019″ given by The European Association of Plastic Surgeons. The SIE grant will support her postgraduate study.