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According to the UN, human trafficking is now the second largest illegal economy in the world, surpassed only by arms deals. Women and children are targeted victims of a market controlled by supply and demand. Changing the attitudes, in particular those of potential customers and young people, is necessary to prevent human trafficking. Drawing on this, the Soroptimists from the Union of Norway come into the picture.

The Soroptimists made a contract with actresses Beathe Frostad and Astrid Elise Sæterøy to launch a storytelling theatre on human trafficking to inform, engage and create debate on human trafficking, in particular among young people. Through meticulous research, in which they interviewed the police, rescue systems and victims, they have put together very personal stories and mixed them with hard facts to put on a heart breaking performance about real life characters–with all their hopes and dreams.

All of this is woven into a tapestry of human trafficking in Norway today. This is happening all over the country and is connected to poverty, war and dreams of a better life. The main focus is to give to the victims of trafficking a face, tell their horrifying stories and to create a national debate. The Soroptimist Union of Norway marketed the premiere, in particular to young people and key people in organisations that could assist with the distribution. During the Soroptimist year 2016/2017 there were 37 performances with approximately 2,500 viewers. 32 of these performances were organised by Soroptimist clubs and the Union.

The initiative was applauded by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security that supported the project.

Women & girls reached: 2,500

Funds raised by the Union: 5,000 €

Funds raised by partners: 45,000 €



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