The war is not over

The effects of the war on the life of women and girls are far from over, on the contrary, it is increasing, so Soroptimists will not stop either.


Soroptimists all over Europe have plenty of reasons to be proud of what was achieved over the last 12 months. This report reflects what has been accomplished by the members of SIE Federation, it is only a snapshot of the tremendous projects and efforts made through the unions and clubs.


The effects of war on women’s lives are continuing, the visible consequences of a woman’s life in a once rich vast agricultural area are now devastated by tanks and landmines, and her life as temporary refugee status remains with unbearable threats; as an organisation we must continue our mission to stand up for and with them.


This report is meant to be a tool to launch further future appeals to women in war zones. They need us now more than ever especially as we see their lives drop in visibility from our daily lives, even in our daily newsfeeds. Soroptimists remain vigilant in their focus and efforts to these women in our own backyard.



Download it HERE



A French version will be made available in due time.