We are losing members. Times are changing rapidly and drastically and as a consequence, we need to change our way of communicating, working and leading our organisation.


We have to invert this trend. We need change, but change cannot be implemented overnight. It requires a new strategy and to implement the correct shifts within the organisation, while remaining faithful to our centennial legacy.


To face this challenge Soroptimist International of Europe set up the Growth Academy (GA) last year. In June 2022, nearly 100 members gathered in Kortrijk, Belgium, to take part in our first GA. Attendees were made up of members selected by Union and Single Club Presidents for their propensity for embracing and developing a new form of inclusive leadership and setting up renewed strategies.



They attended a motivating podium discussion held by impressive professional women who introduced the three pillars upon which we should structure our new approach:


  • Inclusive and innovative Leadership;
  • Moving through change :the Power of Communication;
  • Building a successful Strategy in a frantic world


The workshops were interactive.  Attendees challenged themselves, developing their own skills and attitudes, and practiced newly acquired competencies. Panellists were widely selected from experts in their fields from within our organisation.  This contributed to the success of the Growth Academy, allowing us as Soroptimists, to train and learn, while being led by Soroptimists who know and understand our goals, struggles, and the characteristics of our powerful community.


The feedback and impact were enormous. Inspired, some Unions are even organising their own Growth Academies, with others wanting to put forward members for further training.



We are looking forward to seeing the next generation of inclusive leaders at our second Growth Academy, which will be held in Athens in February 2023!



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Mara Costantino, SIE Special Appointee Next Generation 2021-2023

Sabine Mach, SIE Secretary General 2021-2023