You would like to know more on the status of women worldwide?

There is a unique opportunity every year in March, when representatives of UN Member States, civil society organizations and UN entities gather at UN headquarters in New York. This is the famous Commission on the Status of Women. Its 66th session will take place between March 14 and 25. There will be hundreds of conferences, presentations and discussions, most of them in collaboration of governments with civil society organisations.


Since the pandemic, this big event is hybrid, so we can all participate online. You don’t need to register.


Even if you can only attend occasionally during those two weeks, it will give you an impression of the strength of women’s civil society organisations like ours when it comes to improving the status of women. You will also hear about the progress in the UN member states concerning the implementation of the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the key global policy document on gender equality.


You will meet women from all over the world and hear about their situation, their views and their fight for true gender equality. The CSW is such an eye-opener.


The CSW is organized by UN Women. In parallel, there is the NGO CSW organized by and for civil society. It will present hundreds of parallel events, including that of SI in which all five federations are involved (March 22 at 1 pm). In order to receive updates on the CSW66, you must sign up individually to the CSW66 mailing list by clicking HERE.


For more background information on the CSW, visit its website and that of the NGO CSW 66. More information will be posted there as the CSW approaches.


SI has organised three webinars to help us become familiar with the CSW and this year’s topics. Introductory information can also be found in another article by SIE.


You are invited to join the SIE-CSW-WhatsApp group where we will exchange information and where there will always be someone to answer your questions.


Don’t hesitate to participate at the CSW66 and get inspired by so much women’s power from all over the world!


Bettina Hahne,

SIE Advocacy