Club of Ringerike (Norway)

Some Norwegian women, coming from collectivist societies, may experience a certain ostracism by family members, who reproach them for becoming “too Norwegian”. This psychological pressure leads irreparably to social isolation or even a permanent break with the family. At the beginning of 2019, the Norwegian Ringerike club decided to support these young women who are victims of honour-related violence, facing this social loneliness and negative social control.


Initially run as a club project, the Soroptimists of Ringerike set up a series of courses on friendship and the consequences of too much social control. Their project was soon echoed in the Norwegian Union, and the club received €26,837 from the Norwegian government. With this valuable support, the Ringerike Club Board wanted to take the project forward by offering all Soroptimist in the country the opportunity to participate in awareness-raising courses on isolation for women victims of honour-based violence. Their aim is to create a network of ‘friends’ between Soroptimist clubs in Norway to both improve the integration of these young women, aged between 18 and 30, and to support them in their reconstruction process.


The weekend courses are group workshops on topics such as friendship and its challenges, Soroptimist values and collectivist cultures. They are designed to help participants feel confident in their role as friends and to demonstrate how Soroptimists can work together to reduce loneliness among women exposed to violence. To date, 48 participants from 18 national clubs have benefited from these courses.



Members of SI Ringerike are now working on the publication and distribution of a brochure on this topic to universities, health centres, police, etc. A documentary film is also being produced to inform Norwegian society and promote the project, while new courses are being organised in the country.