We are all busy getting ready for our most supported Soroptimist campaign, the ‘Orange the World’ campaign.


We are special

With this campaign we reinforce our profile as an organisation for women, yet there are many others which can say the same, all over the world. As Soroptimists, we also profile ourselves as an organisation for professional women – though once again, there are many professional organisations. However, it is the combination of the two and the way that we act and take action which is remarkable. It is by acting with a much-cherished sense of community (soro), and by wanting to be the best (optimum), that makes us so very special.


Exposure and visibility

Our participation in the Orange the World campaign brings us markedly increased visibility. We notice more new users on our websites and social media, all clicking, with high expectations, to see what it is we do.


Being visible clearly also makes us more exposed. So, as we are getting ready for this year’s Orange campaign, let us also get ready for the attention and questions that brings.


Answering questions about Soroptimist may be a challenge for you. Please do not let this stop you from stepping forward as a proud member to encourage conversations with those people interested in our organisation. If you feel unsure, you can dive into the SIE and SI websites and extranets, where you can read statements and position papers written by Soroptimists experienced in advocacy, which have been recognised by many organisations. I have included some key links for you on some of the most pertinent topics:



Please do not be hesitant when it comes to rather sensitive topics. Material is available to help you become more visible as a Soroptimist member, club, and union and to support you to become unafraid of any exposure at all! You can find information on more complex topics in our position papers and statements.


Have you read the signs?

I would like to encourage you to scroll further through the other articles in this month’s LINK. We have developed an amazing READ the SIGNS campaign on the prevention of violence against women for the upcoming Orange Days. I am sure you will be very proud to spread this around!


Let’s Orange the World. Let’s show that we stand for a brighter, more optimistic future, free from violence by spreading information and action!


Yours sincerely,


Carolien Demey

SIE President 2021-2023



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