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It is evident that violence in schools is on the rise, making it crucial to address this issue within the school environment from an early age. Bullying is defined as repeated violence, which can be verbal, physical, or psychological. It is perpetrated by one or more students against a victim who cannot defend themselves. When a child is repeatedly insulted, threatened, beaten, shoved, or receives abusive messages, it is classified as bullying, and when this occurs online through modern communication technologies like phones and social media, it is referred to as cyberbullying.

The Soroptimists have partnered with the Fondation Pacte which is already on the list of approved school intervention groups by the canton of Vaud. The foundation has launched the Living Together at School project and needs financial support to continue developing their range of offerings. One significant challenge is obtaining approval from authorities to enter classrooms and work directly with students. The approach involves raising awareness through fiction, with the stories in the films being created through participatory workshops. This positive approach is based on the children’s ability to imagine their own solutions. Through role-playing games, children are put in situations experienced by others.

To raise funds, the Soroptimists of Lavaux have relied on their long-standing tulip sale project, which they have organized for over 20 years. The tulip sale took place at weekly markets in four different communities in the region, and the members mobilized extensively, leveraging their experience in preparation, order delivery, and market presence[1].

The club considers this initiative a success, with a net profit of 2,400 francs donated to the Fondation Pacte. This funding will cover a week of workshops at a school in Grandson and the creation of a vlog with participating students. Approximately 100 children, divided into groups of 20 for five workshops, benefited from this project.



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