Dear Soroptimists,


The Holistic Training and thematic interactive online sessions for our Unions’ decision-makers were the hottest topic of the last month.


First, we had training sessions on all important aspects of our activities, it was quite hard work but no exams in the end. Followed by the Holistic Panel Discussions on the 7th of November, which included four panels: “Programme & Advocacy”, “Membership, Leadership & Change Management”, “Communications” and “We stand up for Women by Education & Mentoring”.


The idea was to make us all aware that whatever we do, increasing membership is the core and aim to ensure the future of our organisation. We had fascinating discussions with panelists form the outside world and from within Soroptimist. There were interesting new suggestions, exchange of good practices and it was inspirational.


Immediately following the panel discussions, a survey was then sent to the participants. It is important to listen to feedback, in order to understand if there are needed changes or improvements to online sessions for the future.  The survey had a response rate of 55%, overall the feedback of the trainings was inspiring, informative, and interesting. According to the participants’ wish, there will be more sessions, more interactive with more time for Q&A.


Yet the success of these sessions will depend on the outcome; how much will Unions put into practice and how much they will disseminate information within the organisation. An optimistic sign is that most respondents declared they will implement these ideas within their Unions. We are always ready to help and guide if they will hold similar events for their own members.


But now, I’m sure we are all busy with the Orange the World campaign. I will be informing you in the next edition how it went. I wish you success with your projects and much orange light.


By Anna Wszelaczyńska

SIE President 2019-2021